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About JacciR Design
About JacciR Design

My passion is women entrepreneurs, women like me, who see owning and succeeding in business as integral to their sense of personal success.

I love nothing better than to watch as women grow and succeed. I love to see that the concepts that we chatted about, designed around have added to the journey of success.  

My business success is a testament to my ability to deliver well balanced, professional design work for all my clients, no matter how big or small. 

I’m Jacci Freimond-Rudling, I live in Cape Town, I have a studio at home which suits me just fine. I split my time between graphics, illustration and photography. I travel to Italy once a year to spend time in a small town called Cetona in Tuscany. I love, love, love Florence, always spend a few days there. I love the people, the lifestyle – the way they still have the time in the evening for ‘passeggiata’ a walk and a get together with friends in the ‘piazza’. I love the food, and the little old lady who sells the freshest fruit and veg in her little shop in town. Mostly I love observing, meeting people through the lens of my camera. Capturing a time and place that is fast disappearing.

JacciR Design is a virtual studio, making use of the best of social media platforms to reach, chat to and design for my clients. At anytime you might find me somewhere special in South Africa, my favourite cafe in Italy or anywhere worldwide. As long as I can find a wifi, plug in my laptop, I am ready for work. Travel and new adventures keeps me alive, excited and full of wonder. I bring 30 plus years experience, 18 of those as an entrepreneur to any work that I take on. I am a graphic designer, a web designer, illustrator and artist. I have a innate sense of colour, balance, weight and style which I bring to each and every design project that I take on.

I offer a full package design service with a worldwide client base specializing in graphic design, web design and illustration. I am passionate about design, typography and illustration. I work with a team of people who are the best in their field in web design and social media success delivering a seamless service, managed by a dedicated team.

You can follow JacciR Design on social media by clicking the icons for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The blog keeps you up to date with what JacciR Design is inspired by, working on and dreaming about. Instagram if you like that format, has all my photographic images on it. Twitter – just for keeping up to date.

JacciR Design. 157 Lympleigh Rd Plumstead, Cape Town   
WhatsApp or call: +27 784606084
Skype: jaccir | Instagram: