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2019/2 : Love what you do – or change it.

It is said that a big part of a balanced life, well lived, is feeling emotionally connected to your job, sad as this might sound, it is the thing most of us do for most of our waking hours. That emotional connection can be described as being passionate about our work, loving what we do. Being an entrepreneur gives us the opportunity to do something that we love, no one sets out to start a business thinking bleh, I've got to do this.  
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2019/1 : Doing more... with less.

When I set out all those years ago to work for myself and started JacciR Design, back in the time before woman could be ‘entrepreneurs’ – that was a title for brave men who defied society and struck out on their own. 

Anyway, back to the topic. Social media was in it’s infantsy, Facebook was but a spec in some geeks eye and we all had dial up. Remember dial up? Doesn’t sound like a lot to start a business at home with – does it!                      Happily, things have changed and 'working from home' has become a viable option for all of us, but, this comes with a whole bunch of other issues.                                                                                                                           LInk to full blog.


2018/1 : Creating goals & sticking to them

Welcome to my first post of 2018.

This year is going to be the year of change, I’m going to change how I do business, well, in effect, I had strayed from my original concept of a virtual studio, have laptop will travel. So change will be getting back to and focussing on my goals.
Design and travel to my beloved Cetona in Italy.                        LInk to full blog.


2017/4 : The ABC’s of a better blog

Beating the business blog blues.
Ok, so you’ve made the decision to blog…. now make sure your blog tells your story in the best possible way. In order to benefit from the very most that your social media strategy can give you, you need to be blogging. Regularly and professionally. Whether you have a free hosted blog, or a site under your own domain name the rules are the same.  Your online presence must be professional and streamlined.                                                          Link to full blog.


2017/3 : Colour me famous

How do you choose the colour that is right for your business? Do you go for one that you simply like? Or do you look at the meaning of the colours and the effect that they have on people?

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2017/2 : Graphic Designer,
any good?

In order to compete in the market you need to have a brand that stands head and shoulder above the rest. It needs to convey a creative presence, promote your values and resonate with your market. Choosing a graphic designer who will create an outstanding brand for your new company is one of the most important things you will do as you set off on this adventure.

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